Financial assistance from Karnataka State Government


1. Marriage Grant to one daughter of Exservicemen @ Rs. 5000/-.

2. Financial assistance for Spectacles, Hearing Aids, Artificial Denture, Contact Lens etc., to ESM & NOK varying from Rs. 600 to Rs. 3000 subject to Annual income not exceeding Rs. 1,50,000/-

3. Death Relief Grant of Rs. 4,000/- to the Next of Kin of deceased Ex-Serviceman

4. Annual Relief Grant of Rs. 4,000/- to non Pensioner Ex-Servicemen and Widows in penury.

5. Spot financial assistance to Ex-servicemen and their dependents who are in financail distress.

6. Honorarium @ Rs. 6,000/- per month for second world war participant Ex-Servicemen/Widows who are not in receipt of any other pension/honorarium.


Financial assistance from Raksha Manthri’s Discretionary Fund


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1. Marriage Grant of Rs. 50,000 for daughters of Ex-servicemen. Only for two daughters/Widow of Ex-servicemen upto Havildar.

2. Funeral Grant : Rs. 5000/- ( Only for widows of Ex-servicemen upto Havildar )

3. Medical Grant : Rs. 30,000 Only for Non ECHS members/Non Pensioners upto Havildar.

4. Orphan Grant : For Orphan daughter of Ex-servicemen (PBOR & Offrs) Grant Rs. 1,000/- per month till she is married and one son upto 21 years of age

5. Education Grant : Rs.1000 p.m. for School going children (max two) of Exservicemen upto Havildar Rank ( For Boys upto +2, Girls upto Graduation & widows upto Post Graduation )

6. Penury Grant (for ESM/widows above 65 Yrs) : Rs. 1,000 p.m. for life time

Penury Grant is given only to old and infirm non-pensioners ( upto Hav Rank ) above 65 years who are not being supported from any other quarter. ( Applicant should not have income/pension from any other source and he should not have been provided any financial assistance from the State Govt or any other source)

7. Disabled children Grant ( 100% Disabled orphans) :

Only for disabled children of Ex-servicemen with 100% disability based on disability certificate issued by Military/civil Govt Hospital .

8. Officer Cadet Grant : Rs. 1000 p.m. for Wards of Ex-servicemen upto Havildar for NDA cadet Trg

10. House Repair Grant : Rs. 20,000

Only for Ex-servicemen/Widows/Orphan daughter upto Havildar Rank whose houses are damaged due to natural calamity.( Based on certificate from State Govt Revenue authorities regarding cause of damage and estimate cost and notification issued by Central/State Govt declaring that the damage is due to natural calamity )

11. Widow Re-Marriage Grant : Rs. 16,000 for Pensioner / Non Pensioner upto Hav Rank

12. Vocational Trg Grant for Widows : Rs. 20,000 for Pensioner / non Pensioner upto Hav Rank


Financial Assistance from Army wives Welfare Association


1. Disaster Relief Support: The AWWA provides financial relief to ex-servicemen and their widows who have suffered heavy losses in any natural calamity

2. Penury Grant : President AWWA, on recommendations of the coordinating body, can sanction a one time grant at here discretion for cases, who are in economic distress and have not been provided financial relief from any other agency

3. Financial Assistance towards Marriage Grant: To Widows/Dependants/Orphaned children who are in financial distress